Aditya Rana

I am a Master's student in Computer Vision at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in a joint program with 3 more universities. I recently graduated from BITS Pilani majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, where I was also a Teaching Assistant for the course BITS-F312: Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic . I was fortunate to get the opportunity to complete my bachelor's thesis at the Computer Vision Center under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Lopez and Dr. Joan Serrat to work on Deep Image Compression models.

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I'm interested in computer vision, graphics and unsupervised learning techniques. Much of my research has been in the field of Image Compression.

importance_map_png Content Weighted Image Compression for Distributed Data Collection
Aditya Rana, Dr. Joan Serrat and Dr. Antonio Lopez
Bachelor's Thesis, 2019
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Investigation and improvement of existing models on lossy image compression for creating a high-quality and geographically diverse dataset from on-road vehicles

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